Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scribble 0.1.2

Today I released version 0.1.2 of the Scribble testing framwork. Beside some bugifxes, the main improvement was the added support for initializing the JCR ContentRepository test rules with nodetype definitions from a CND file.


    [SCRIB-16] - @Inject Annotations is not considered
    [SCRIB-19] - InjectableHolders are not recognized properly when injecting
    [SCRIB-23] - Sonar Issue: The use of XPath.evaluate() is vulnerable to XPath injection
    [SCRIB-24] - Sonar Issue: The usage of /DocumentBuilder.parse(...) is vulnerable to XML External Entity attacks
    [SCRIB-25] - Sonar Issue: Use a cryptographically strong random number generator (RNG) like "java.security.SecureRandom" in place of this PRNG


    [SCRIB-11] - Convenience Methods for InMemory and StandaloneRepository creation
    [SCRIB-20] - Initialize Repository with CND node types


    [SCRIB-17] - Set up Build for master branch
    [SCRIB-18] - Set up Test Quality Assesment
    [SCRIB-21] - Update Apache DS Dependency to 2.0.0-M20
    [SCRIB-22] - Fix "Copyright and license headers should be defined" Rule configuration

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