Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Scribble Release 0.2.0

I am proud to announce a new version of the the Scribble testing library! The new version has support for an embedded ldap server which allows to write tests against an ldap server without having to rely on existing infrastructure. Further, the JCR support has been improved, now it's possible to pre-initialize a JCR repository with content from a descriptor file and to create a security-enabled in-memory repository. Some additional improvements have been made in the CDI injection support and the matchers have been extended for availability checks for URLs.

For more information, have a look at the wiki or find the source code on GitHub.

Release Notes - Scribble - Version 0.2.0


  • [SCRIB-31] - Primitive types not support for ConfigProperty injection
  • [SCRIB-32] - String to Number conversion of default values in ConfigProperty injection fails
  • [SCRIB-41] - LDAP Rules are not properly applied
  • [SCRIB-42] - ResourceAvailabilityMatcher is not compatible with URL
  • [SCRIB-48] - Directory Rules can not be used as ClassRules


  • [SCRIB-1] - Builder support for LDAP Server and Service
  • [SCRIB-2] - Make LDAP Port configurable
  • [SCRIB-5] - Matchers for availability of an URL
  • [SCRIB-10] - Support for prepared JCR Content
  • [SCRIB-12] - Support security enabled content repositories
  • [SCRIB-14] - Add Convenience method for admin login
  • [SCRIB-33] - Convenience Methods for Directory creation
  • [SCRIB-34] - Convenience Method for anonymous login
  • [SCRIB-38] - Supply