Saturday, December 19, 2015

Scribble 0.3.0

I am proud to announce a new version of the the Scribble testing library! The biggest changes are the new modularization and documentation. For every functional aspect there is now a separate module so that not a whole load of unused dependencies have to be included in your project if you only require just a single functional aspect. In addition to this, the entire project documentation is now kept in the source and be generated using maven's site support. This includes this wiki documentation as well, although the publishing process is not yet part of the release build jobs.
As new features for testing I introduce a http server as a TestRule that can be set up in various ways to server static content. It's still rather limited, but will be contiuously improved in future releases. Further features are the possibility to create temporary zip files, record system out and err via a TestRule and capture and restore System Properties - a simple rule that helps keeping the test environment clean, and finally a matcher for matching date strings against a data format.

For more information, have a look at the wiki or find the source code on GitHub



  • [SCRIB-35] - Embedd static HTTP content as a rule
  • [SCRIB-43] - Build documentation as part of the release
  • [SCRIB-49] - Create zipped temp file from resources
  • [SCRIB-50] - Date Format Matcher
  • [SCRIB-52] - Rule for capturing System.out and System.err
  • [SCRIB-53] - Rule for setting and restoring System Properties


  • [SCRIB-39] - ConfigPropertyInjection#isMatching sets default value
  • [SCRIB-51] - TemporaryFile not usable as ClassRule
  • [SCRIB-57] - ApacheDS all prevents exclusion of modules
  • [SCRIB-58] - Remove SLF4J Binding dependencies
  • [SCRIB-59] - DirectoryServer/DirectoryService not working as ClassRule