Thursday, January 21, 2010

Installing Lotus Quickr on Ubuntu Linux Server 9.10

The installation of Lotus Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal includes an installation of DB2. Installing Quickr on an out-of-the-box installation of Ubuntu will fail due to a missing C++ library. The DB2 service requires a standard C++ library in version 5. Ubuntu Linux 9.10 includes version 6 of that library. In order to install Quickr 8.1.1 on a Ubuntu 9.10 system, you have to manually install the required library from an older release. You can find the package in the Debian package repository
. Download the .deb file from the repository and install it by issuing the following command as superuser
dpkg -i libstdc++5_3.3.6-18_i386.deb
The next issue I stumbled upon was during the creation of the was profile. The default shell of Ubuntu Linux is /bin/sh which does not support arrays and therefore a call to during the profile creation fails. I found this blog entry that describes how to solve this. You have to unlink /bin/sh, link it to bash and do a reconfigure. Enter the following commands as superuser:
unlink /bin/sh
ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh
dpkg-reconfigure dash
Finally, after the installation is complete, you have to change the default shell for the created DB2 instance user for Quickr (i.e. quickradm), which is set to /bin/sh. Using this shell won't properly initialize the db2 environment when running the db2profile script. You should change the shell to bash, otherwise commands like db2stop and db2start won't be accessible. To change the default shell, edit as superuser the file /etc/passwd, look for the quickr users (usually in the end), and change the /bin/sh to /bin/bash.