Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Inkstand Release 0.1.3

Yesterday I released 0.1.3 of the Inkstand microservice framework fixing some bugs and added some minor improvements.


    [INK-31] - Sonar Issue - Security - XML Parsing Vulnerable to XXE (SAXParser) in JCRContentLoader
    [INK-17] - Apply Apache Licence to code base
    [INK-29] - Findings in Code Inspection
    [INK-32] - remove log4j2.xml from core
    [INK-41] - Wrong Logging Statements in ServiceLauncher


    [INK-4] - Document Inkstand in wiki
    [INK-5] - Set up Test Quality Assessment
    [INK-6] - Set up Build for master branch
    [INK-34] - Update to Apache Jackrabbit 2.10.1
    [INK-35] - Update Apache DS to 2.0.0-M20 and LDAP API to 1.0.0-M30
    [INK-36] - Update Undertow to 1.2.6.Final
    [INK-37] - Update Apache Deltaspike to 1.4.0
    [INK-40] - Update Scribble to 0.1.2

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