Monday, November 24, 2008

Blogworld, here I come

So thats it, my first blog.

Feels a bit strange, now I also belong to those that feed the world with unasked opinions... but hey, nobody needs to read it if not wanting to.

Why do I start to blog ... well, let me shortly introduce myself to the world, since July this year I'm an IT consultant, working at IBM, in the field of Portals (WebSphere Portal) and social software, mostly Lotus Connections. Well, as I get deeper into the matter, I'm getting familiar with the concepts, and the use of it, and the benefits, and of course I need to know the stuff we are selling. And in terms of social software, we're not only selling the software (Lotus Connections) but moreover the idea behind it.

Last friday we had a presales event at a customer for Lotus Connections, and the customer was very keen on the topic and very interested. The audience ranged from really early adopters to very reluctant but nevertheless very interessted participants. We had a very intense and interessting discussion making this event a quite exciting one.
This discussion dropped my final barrier and after the event I came to the conclusion that I personally have to open myself to the web 2.0 now... I have the feeling that the time has come (and I'm really not an early adopter, too)... and here I am, writing my first blog entry. But I think for a first entry, it is enough for now, but stay tuned, there will be more to follow :)


Anonymous said...

go on, i'm looking forward to your next postings on web 2.0 :-)

Herr B. said...

Ich glaub das korrekt webzweinullige Wort dafür is "Blogosphere". Bin ja mal gespannt wie lange du's durchhältst. :)

Luis Benitez said...

Great to see you here!!! Hope you blog more !!!!